A New Start…

As i write my first blog i would like to introduce myself, my name is Sanif Momin, i am studying Business Administration at Kingston University. I come from a family that has been running business since 3 decades and i wish to follow the same. The whole world around us is surrounded by businesses, i believe business is what keeps the world running. I always wanted to be an independent businessman, starting and building a whole new empire on my own and thats the reason i chose “Startup a business” as my module.

At first i thought this was just going to be like any other module with lots of theory and concepts, frameworks etc and all boring stuff. After i finished my first lecture i was very surprised and couldn’t believe that i am actually going to start a real life business. No theory, only pure business. I got attached to this module just like opposite poles of magnets stick together. I kept waiting for Thursdays every week just so that i can again attend a startup lecture. This was my initial reaction and this module left a very great impression on me.

The next week we were asked to form groups, this was done by introducing our selves to the whole class, by telling them about us, our specialisation, our interest, our goals. Everyone started giving the same type of speech but as a marketing guy i always knew that i have to be different, i didn’t talk about my past, nothing about my past studies or any experience, i just went there and told everyone “whatever your product or service is, even if people don’t need it, i will make them want it”  and the whole class applauded, i even saw the reaction on our lecturer’s face and i felt that i did leave an impression. Because of this speech i got the group which i wanted, i was impressed by one guy who gave his speech to become the M.D of our group and finally we were in the same group.

We then started working on ideas on the same day, got a list of all crazy ideas we had in our mind, a lot of papers torn and thrown, a lot of ideas rejected and finally we got some ideas short listed. Everyone did their research and finally our group decided to work on one idea. The next week we got our group registered with Young Enterprises. Following week we had a team from Visa to help us with our ideas, our group did really well, i think according to them we got the 3rd position, again to be at the top, our team started working on the idea and the process is still going on, business takes time to stand on its own, remember Rome wasn’t built in a day