End of first half…

Its that time of the year when everybody is leaving on a break to relax and chill, but remember business never sleeps. This blog is not something about progress made in the past few days, instead it is the overall experience that i had in the past few months of this module.

The never predicted so practical module that i got into “startup a business” had my heart on the very first day. I haven’t seen any module which has no theory at all but everything you do is real life. This was the first time in my life that i was actually going to run a business, a new phase of my life, a new beginning. The impression that this module left on me was very motivating and inspiring. All i wanted was a great group to work with.

Next week, everyone had their own speeches and got into groups, i was very satisfied with my group and actually got the group members that i wanted. I had never met any of them before but yeah i am not here to make friends, i am here to earn some money. Lucky me that i got so friendly group members.

The work begin and we all started with getting ideas and after a lot of hassle and difficulties and finding out the problems in each of our idea, we finally found a great practical idea that was really sellable. Not explaining the glove part again, my previous blogs explain them well!!! got the idea, started working on it. Again a bunch of problems but we never gave up. Kept developing our product and boom!!! we had our final design ready.

Time to find a manufacturer who can make one for us! after a lot of calls and a lot of struggle, we finally found a manufacturer in china who did the first pair of glove for us and we were quite happy with it. Still problems exist about the total order and quantity as we don’t have a big budget.

Attended 2 enterprise insights lectures and got to learn a lot of things, also interacting with the young enterprise mentors helped and explained how business works and its not always a win, but we gotta keep moving. For now, its a wrap but we are gonna be back with full force and full motivation!!!


After almost a month of contacting different manufacturers and suppliers and making them understand what exactly do we need, we finally managed it and got the first prototype. Although not exactly what we had in our minds but still close enough. It looks pretty good, gave me a new boost and confidence to work harder as thoughts are turning into reality.


Last Thursday we had a mock dragon’s den. After all the criticism and the feedback we got on our practice presentation in front of our lecturers, we had prepared our selves well. Literally practiced the script like 5o times, going on and on, speaking the same line, each member of the group was on it. Switched so many classrooms to get a personal space to practice. It was worth it. Everyone in my group was ready and well prepared. Good confidence in ourselves, confidence in our product and its motive. Well theres a saying, if you save a life, you save the whole humanity, and here we are talking about 19,000 cycling casualties that take place every year in the UK.

The day arrived, a little nervous but confident. Everybody dressed smart and we were just waiting to nail it! Once we went in, i forgot everything else about the world and had my mind only on what i have to say and why i was present there. Everybody did their part well, i was happy about my pitch as well. I asked for feedback from my group for me and everyone seemed happy with my speech. The judges tried to confuse us by asking questions but we were ready. I noticed when there was a moment when judges ran out of questions and were trying to generate questions, well our pitch was so clear, i doubt there was a need for any question.

Finally its the second last week before the first semester ends, we have made a good progress and i feel we are running on time, have got everything sorted- bank stuff, bright ideas submission blah blah! Tomorrow we have another enterprise insight session with a dragon’s den winner and i really look forward to it. Our group is also facing a problem with the minimum amount of units because our supplier was asking for minimum 3000 pairs!!! what in the world was our supplier thinking! we are college students, no budget! Well i hope to find a solution in tomorrow’s session…..

So far…we are progressing….