2.2 Setting Up The Company

Estimated Reading Time – 5 mins

Alright! So today I will share how we got into a team and how we overcame some hurdles while forming the team of our choice. Yes, our choice. So basically this year the module Design Thinking for Startups is a collaboration between two courses, One is us – the Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship students and the other are the MACE students. I really appreciate the fact that the university has given a common platform to students coming from two very different areas. When design skills and business skills work together, I see another new market disruptor.

However, even before the module started formally, I knew that I had to get into a team with which I will be running a business for an entire year and maybe even after the course ends. For this reason, I already had some people in my mind because I was comfortable with them and I got good vibes from them.  Working with a co-operative and a coordinative team is the only thing I would ever want because I am sure if the team energy is positive, then everything goes with the flow and goes smooth. But there’s a catch, we all came from the same course i.e innovation management and that was not permitted because it was a rule that students from both the courses merge so that the team has different personalities and a set of different skills. We couldn’t register our team for 2 weeks with this ongoing programme. However, after a lot of persuasions, our lecturer finally gave us the permission to be on the team that we wanted. So now we are on the team that we always wanted.

So its 4 of us, me the managing director, Claire the finance director, Hector the Operations Director and Divesh the marketing director. So far the team is doing great and we are looking forward to the journey. We have gone through several ideas for our venture and finally decided on one. In the next blog, I will write about how we came up with our company name.

‘2.1’ A New Beginning

Estimated reading time – 3 mins

As I start writing the blogs again, I recommend all the readers to have a look at my previous journey as an Entrepreneur where I successfully founded an award-winning company ‘Staunchh’. The experience was undoubtedly a wake-up call in my life which helped me decide my career path. Following the tremendous success of ‘Staunchh’, I went all in on the path of becoming a better and successful entrepreneur. I started working on ideas and new ventures, took a gap year to test out the market and try exploiting the business opportunities in India. During the year, I also completed 2 online certifications from Oxford and Harvard which focused on Entrepreneurship in emerging economies. To step up my game and to learn more, I decided to do a Masters Degree in Entrepreneurship. So here I am, back at Kingston University, pursuing my Masters in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship.

I was delighted to find out that I will be doing the same “Young Enterprise Startup Programme” as a part of my course. The past experience has built up enough confidence in me but also, this opportunity gives me a sense of responsibility to perform better than before. As I am aware of how things work under the programme and what is expected from me, I know exactly what I have to deliver and for this, I am totally prepared. The grind begins now!

As I keep writing these blogs, you will read more about my current journey. In the coming months, I have the vision to set up a company that has good numbers on the financial side, has huge customer retention and a company that delivers value. I am working closely with the Enterprise Department at KU and also engaging in entrepreneurial activities outside the university. In the next blog, I will talk more about the formation of a new team and the setup of my current company “One Minute”. That’s all for now folks!