2.10 Trigger

Estimated reading time – 5 mins

If you have read my previous blogs, you must be aware that our team had entered the Bright Ideas competition – one of the biggest Enterprise Competition at Kingston University which is not only open to Business Students but to all the students across all the campuses. We had entered Bright Ideas with our initial idea – The My PA app, however when we decided we are not going to work on it anymore, we immediately took steps and luckily got the chance to put the Tyton Holder’s application. So here we were, entered successfully again into Bright Ideas.

Due to previous experience, I knew what the most critical aspect of the competition is – the PITCH. Our team understood that very well and did not waste time on the things that did not matter. But before that, we got the chance to attend Trigger KU – a 2-day workshop to prepare for the Bright Ideas Finale. The Enterprise department announced only 150 entries made it to Trigger KU out of 500 entries, this was after the online judging round. Only 50 entries were going to make it to the finale. We were quite sure, we are going to make it.

On the weekend of Trigger, we learned??? Actually just revised all of the things which we already knew because of our business degree background. But on the final day, we got the chance of pitching our product to the judges, this was not a competition, but just a trial and feedback is always great. All the judges clearly understood the problem we are trying to tackle, they believed it is a real problem, and something had to be done about it a long time ago. They liked our pitch and guided us on the right path to ensure we are ready for the final day.

Even though this was not a competition, they still announced the best entries and again we did not make it. But I knew that we were definitely going to win Bright Ideas, only a week left from then, the team gathered together and started working hard for the Final. In my next blog, I will write about the Finale Day and how it went!


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