2.12 Mock Dragon’s Den

Estimated reading time – 5 mins

Finally, it was the time where this all had to end, the year-long journey had reached its final month. All teams were ready to face the dragons and battle it out against each other to proceed to the UK nationals to represent Kingston University. Our final dragon’s den was on the 16th of March, however, in order to better prepare ourselves, Our lecturer and Young Enterprise held a Mock Dragon’s den a week before it. I believe this is very helpful for all the students to get to realise their situation and position amongst other teams.

Our team, as usual, had everything ready, the original pitch we used throughout the year and also a completely new design and 3D render of our product. For the first time ever, I have used online freelancers network to get something done, but now I am very much convinced that this is the actual lean startup approach. We did not dress up in suits and smart clothes this time since it was only a mock and also we had different tactics in order to keep our company strategies secret. As soon as we came to know that the pitching is going to happen in front of the whole class to see, I immediately talked to my team and convinced them to give an average performance. This dirty tactic was used so that the other teams cannot steal punchy lines and sentences from our pitch and also our financials and marketing strategies.

This really upset one of our lecturers who I think did not really like our team from the start since we were a tough competition to her students. Anyway, like always the judges were convinced and really appreciated our idea and our product. One of the judges really liked how we were dressed in our company jumpers and looked consistent. Not only this, but we found some mistakes and points to improve and prepare for the final next week. Overall the day went pretty well. In my next blog, I will write about the Final Dragon’s Den and the outcomes of it.



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