2.13 Final Dragon’s Den

Estimated reading time – 5 mins

So it was the day – 16th March, the week after mock dragon’s den was intense and full of nervousness, I was very worried about the outcomes of the Finals. The reason behind this was my previous success at Staunchh. I would admit I have become too ambitious of my life and I feel I only deserve the best. This is because I respect the amount of hard work I put into my work and the efforts required to manage everything together. So, back to the day – the team was all prepared, dressed up formally and ready to pitch it! This was the first time ever during the whole year where team One Minute was not pitching in the first slot, luckily we got the 4th slot which gave us some extra time to prepare. But to avoid getting stressed and nervous, the team decided to have lunch together and not overthink. We found an empty room above the Uni canteen and decided to practice our pitch a few more times. While doing this, I could see from the window, right next to us were our toughest competitors practising in the building opposite to us, this ignited the spark of winning even more.

The pitch went really well, one of our teammates got stuck while pitching however we recovered. Our pitch was so clear and to the point that the judges did not really have a lot of questions to ask, they all appreciated the idea, the work we put into it and again how we were dressed so consistently. We left with a smile on our face and knew the results would be positive. We relaxed for another hour before everyone gathered back to a room where the top 6 teams had to deliver a quick 2 mins pitch to convince the whole audience. We were the first team that was announced in the top teams’ list and we had already prepared a 2 mins pitch for this one since we were so optimistic. The pitch went well and we had a few questions thrown at us which we tackled pretty nicely.

The results were not announced on the day, we all left while all the judges formed a panel and decided the winners. The winners were supposed to be announced on the Celebrate Enterprise day on the 22nd March. However we were very confident about winning this one and were happier about our efforts and the performance we had, so we decided we are going to celebrate. The team to the local Wetherspoons, we ate and danced before everybody got tired and left. That was the end of the journey as a part of Kingston University and it all ended with a Happy Ending. The next day itself we had the market trade fair, which did not really go well. Read my next blog to follow what happened.


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