2.15 UK Nationals, we coming!

Estimated reading time – 5 mins

After the end of an intense year at KU, the team is finally going to UK Nationals. KU has been winning the Young Enterprise UK nationals for 5 years in a row except for the last year. We commit ourselves totally in order to get back the title to KU. In order to help us prepare better, we are seeking the help of two amazing and brilliant mentors and I feel very confident about performing well at the finals.

Going to Nationals is one big opportunity, however, it comes with its own responsibilities. Now the team had to work on a completely new business pitch deck, a 4 mins pitch and work for the trade stand. All this while also completing 4 major assignments for uni. This was really a stressful and busy period but I totally understand this experience we are going through will help us prepare better for the future and develop and polish us so much that we’ll be confident to step into the real world.

As of now, we have officially submitted our pitch deck and presentation. Next week we are holding another session with our mentors to rehearse our pitch and practice more on the question and answers for the final’s day. We also quickly processed our operations with our manufacturer to ensure the final product gets in our hand before we leave for Loughborough. It is expected to arrive by the first week of May which would give us enough time to play around with it if needed. The team now needs to work on the trade stand for the final day as that plays an important role in defining our brand. For that, we are seeking help from our lecturer Alice, who is a master of Design thinking and we are sure her contribution will definitely add to the chances of us winning. If we manage to win the Nationals, we will then proceed to the European Championship which is my dream, as I could not attend it in 2016 due to the shortage of time in acquiring a visa. I hope everything goes well. The next blog will be my final blog where I will conclude everything and write a future note to myself.



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